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Pellet Mill for sale - Granulation unit for hop pellet production from hop cones. No China, no Italy. We sell tradicional quality Czech products!
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Hop pellets greatly facilitate the production of beer

Breweries are hard to get around without a good hops. It is an indispensable raw material for the processing of beer, which is one of the most popular beverages among Czechs. At the same time, however, it is important to make effective use of hops, and we do not want to lose even a drop of its typical aroma that lends beer its unmistakable flavor. Breweries compete with each other in terms of modern production technology, but also to respect traditional practices.

Keep your own production process

Do you want to treat hops perfectly and gently? Hopping pellets is one of the ways to effectively help you with this goal. Because even making hop pellets today is possible thanks to our cutting-edge equipment. Several years of research in this area of    production have produced the expected result that was finally marketed this year. For beer makers as well as for all traders, this pelleting tool can be a very helpful helper, which enables you to mold the pellets yourself and thus influence the entire production process.

Pelleting preserves the taste and aroma of hops

The production of hop pellets with our instrument is very gentle. The dosing itself is originally solved and the pressing takes place under very low pressure. The result is hops pellets that retain essential oils. These are essential to give the beer the right taste and first-class aroma. Our company has devoted itself to the development of this hops pelleting machine in the long run so that we can offer the best solutions to breweries.

Avoid thermal damage to the hops

Every company wants to reduce production costs as much as possible. It does not have to be different for you, because hop pelting will help you do that. The pellet protects hops from oxidation, giving it durability without compromising its quality. The spell is hidden in the resin that covers the surface of the pellet. However, the raw material itself is not thermally damaged and thus retains its typical aroma, taste and at the same time it remains fresh in this form of fresh hops.