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Pellet Mill for sale - Granulation unit for hop pellet production from hop cones. No China, no Italy. We sell tradicional quality Czech products!
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Hops pellet mill

Our hops pellet mill is specially designed to keep the pelleting temperature below 60C and hence keep all the hops special elements needed for high quality brewing. You can make hops pellets straight from the hops heads or grind it first.

The original low temp small scale pellet mill for hops. No liquid nitrogen required!

We have developed a new hops mixing system that allows for blending of varieties or pre mixing the same variety prior to grinding 2 - 3 bales at a time.

These mixers can be integrated right after the hops bale breaker or straight from the drying floor... See video above.

Proudly engineered, handmade and assembled in the heart of Europe-Czech Republic.

For more information, please contact us. We offer equipment for pellet production and for processing pellets.