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Pellet Mill for sale - Granulation unit for hop pellet production from hop cones. No China, no Italy. We sell tradicional quality Czech products!
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About Hops Pellets

Thinking of buying the hop pellet mill? Here are some useful information about the usefulness of pellets.

What are pellets and why are they so popular today? What are the economic and ecological benefits of using pellets? Do you know that you can make them easily for yourself? Please read these and the other articles in this section to find out more...

Apart from a brief explanation of the pelleting processes and uses of biomass pellets, you will also find here the answers to many frequently asked questions regarding the production of various forms of biomass pellets.

If you have other questions, we would be pleased to answer them for you. Whether you want to know more about our unique LM72 Small Pellet Mill and how it works, or in which types of material can be pelletized on our LM72 Small Pellet Mill, or advice on what type of machinery is suitable for your situation.

Pellet characteristics and their advantages

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